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Jan 29, 2013 4:00am PST
to stop the spread of an oil spill in the mississippi river. sunday... more than 80,000 gallons of oil spewed into the river after a barge hit a railroad bridge near vicksburg mississippi. authorities shutdown a section of the water way so that crews could skim the light crude. it's not clear when normal travel will resume on the mighty mississippi. the hess corporation is refining its business. the energy company plans to close its port reading refinery in new jersey by the end of the month. and, is also preparing to sell its u.s terminal network. the companies is transforming from integrated oil and gas to predominantly exploration and production. investors clearly like the plan, shares shot up more than $ 3 dollars yesterday. a dreary chapter for bookseller barnes and noble. up to a third of its brick and mortar stores will close within the next decade. the chain blames the changing reading habits of americans and the shift to digital publications. eventually there will be around 500 of the bookstores, down from 689. apple smartphones are running into hang ups in asia. statcou
Jan 2, 2013 4:00am PST
the mississippi river faces a threat. shipping industry trade groups say a section of the river may have to close due to record low levels caused by the summer drought. last week the army corp of engineers released water from a lake in southern illinois, enabling shippers to continue moving billions of dollars in commodities. wal-mart is keeping a closer eye on its supply chain. following complaints of poor working conditions, the retailer plans to monitor warehouses in illinois, new jersey and california. the warehouses work with wal-mart merchandise, however are not directly staffed by the company. protestors argue retailers like wal-mart should ensure warehouses comply with u.s. labor laws. wal-mart says it plans to audit u.s. warehouses like it does in its factories abroad. the retailer has been under heightened scruntiny following a fire in a bangladeshi factory that killed 112 workers in november. the banks are back. 2012 was the most profitable year for the u.s. banking industry since 2006. in the 3rd quarter alone of last year, financial firms earned $37.6 billion in comparison to the $32
Jan 29, 2013 7:00pm PST
to mississippi. a complaint also releases details from the attack the officer clearly identified himself as a police officer. >> the suspect at that point didn't care. so that's the mentality of the violence of the individual that we're dealing with. >> glenn wilson faces charges of armed robbery of an officer and aassault. two other men are in custody of parole violations. go to for more on coverage. declaring a state of emergency. just self-control down to hot topics. >>> tonight california lawmakers are considering a list of nine new gun lawings. there was -- examined whether current laws need to be refined. some argued the focus needs to be on enforcing the laws we already have. >> a $20 million a year investment in gutting the guns out of a prohibited person would be a very wise and worthy investment. >> the number of bills on the table is likely to increases a the hearings continue. they go before commit fee next. >>> major league baseball says it's reviewing links that 7 major leaguers to steroids in florida. former san francisco giant and two former oakland a's players.
Jan 11, 2013 11:30pm PST
of just three states where the flu is not widespread. the others are mississippi and hawaii. >>> san jose, maneta airport welcomed its first ever 787 dream liner. it is the most technological equipped plane in the world. san jose mayor chuck reed says it's a good start toward bringing more air travelers to the south bay. >> it's very exciting, it's a huge thing. because this is the first. we need to be successful with the first so we get the second, third and fourth. >> the may -- mayor said much of the technology on board came from the silicon valley. the airliner was just in the area for a few hours then returned to japan. >>> the faa today ordered a comprehensive review of the new plane. ktvu's consumer editor john vacar details a series of problems that set off the high priority federal investigation. >> reporter: for san jose airport bad luck and bad times tainted the inauguration of 787 service to asian. six instances led to today's announce of a review. >> through it we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to ensure these events don't happen agai
Jan 18, 2013 11:30pm PST
and mississippi were also hit hard by the storm. >>> well the average highs warm up has arrived. and will continue into the weekend as well. as temperatures this afternoon, look at all the 60s out toward santa rosa. 63, fairfield 63, san francisco 64 and mountain view 65 degrees. we still have a pretty clear weather pattern. a stable one setting up. with that temperatures dropping off already as we showed you. back down into the mid- and upper 30s. napa and santa rosa. downtown san francisco 63 and san jose reporting mostly clear skies and 46. the lake tahoe forecast, a very popular destination this weekend and you will see no threat of showers. same into sunday and 2 degrees will warm you up for the overnight low. but then recovering back up into the 40s. just a few high clouds offshore. late tonight into early in the morning patchy fog may be a factor especially in the inland bay valleys. santa rosa they had some dense fog in the morning. that could impact your visibility first thing in the morning. a chilly start with temperatures mainly in the upper 20s to the 30s to the 40s. high pressure co
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5